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There are 10 different Brazil visa types (each has its own coding). Each visa type corresponds to the stated purpose of your visit. Fortunately enough, more than 90% of all issued visas, fall under two major visa categories: Tourist Visa (VITUR) and Business Visa (VITEM II)

Tourist (VITUR) visa

  • Tourism, Sightseeing trip.
  • Visit to friends/relatives.
  • Professors, Scientists, or Researchers attending technological, scientific or cultural seminars / conferences. You must provide an invitation letter.
  • Participants of amateur sport or artistic competitions, whenever no monetary prize or paid admission is involved. You must provide an invitation letter.
  • If you are transiting to other country.

Business (VITEM II) visa

  • Meetings to discuss purchases or sales of goods and services; to sign import/export contracts; to evaluate ongoing operations; to explore investment opportunities, relocation, outsourcing.
  • Media coverage or filming.
  • Trips by flight/ship crew members NOT holding an international crew card. If you hold such a card, you must obtain Work visa (VITEM V).
  • If during your trip you are going to provide training or technical assistance services of any nature (e.g. training on equipment, employee training, business practice training, implementation or modification, provision of services, installation or repair of machinery, software development, laboratory or field work, recurrent office tasks, you must obtain Work visa (VITEM V).

Scientific Research / Student Exchange/ Internship (VITEM I) visa

  • Scientists, researchers, professors, and other participants in technological, scientific, or cultural research, development, studies, and missions. Services provided must not be paid for by a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil, except for wages for services rendered (“pro-labore” work). It can be granted for up to 2 years maximum stay.
  • Graduate and post-graduate students pursuing academic work in Brazil.
  • Interns and unpaid trainees, bearers of scholarships, students completing professional practice / internships as a part of the professional and university studies.
  • Exchange students; Visa will be granted for a maximum of one year to people participating in Exchange Students Programs (e.g. AFS, ICBEU, Rotary, etc.). This is non-extendable visa; you must leave country in 12 months.
  • Technicians and engineers receiving training lessons on the operation and maintenance of machinery or equipment produced in Brazil.
  • Technicians, volunteers, specialists, scientists, researchers who are working for government, private or non-governmental institution under an international cooperation agreement.
  • Amateur athletes (under 21 years old) participating in intensive practice and training programs in Brazil.
  • If you need to travel to Brazil for medical treatment purpose, this is the visa you need to apply.

Artist and Athlete (VITEM III) visa

  • For an artist/athlete/musicians performing professionally, under a contract and with a payment for services rendered. All accompanying staff must obtain this type of visa.
  • For travelers who will enter competition where monetary prize and paid-admission is involved.
  • If you enter into contract to play/perform in professional sports, etc. and enter into employment contract with Brazilian company, you must obtain Work (VITEM V) visa.

Student (VITEM IV) visa

  • Students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate or technical degrees in Brazil. Student (VITEM IV) holders are not eligible for employment during their studies.

Work (VITEM V) visa

  • Professors, teachers, scientists, technicians, career/trade professionals and any other traveler holding an employment contract with a Brazilian government, public or private organization.
  • Business travelers who provide technical assistance of any nature in Brazil. Typically, technical jobs and training performed at an affiliate company in Brazil, franchise operation activities, evaluation and/or repair of equipment installed in Brazil, etc.
  • Professional training with the Brazilian company/organization followed immediately after the completion of university studies.
  • Medical residency at educational institution or hospital. Must be accredited by the Ministry of Education and Recreation.
  • Internship or trainee program paid for by a foreign company/organization, exclusively outside Brazil.
  • Foreign languages teachers/professors/instructors as well as trainees.
  • Crewmembers of foreign vessels operating in Brazilian territorial waters as required under a charter, service or risk contract with a Brazilian company.
  • Crewmembers of fishing vessels rented by a Brazilian companies.
  • Crewmembers or any other professionals performing any activities that they receive monetary and non-monetary rewards (that includes non-monetary rewards such as free accommodation, free meals, etc.) aboard cruise ships along the Brazilian coastline including Amazon River basin and other inland waters.
  • Social and volunteer workers who engage in community work and provide service for a religious institution. It is required even if you do not have an employment contract and even don’t receive compensation. You must obtain this visa if you are accompanying a group of church volunteers going to Brazil.

Journalist (VITEM VI) visa

  • Media journalists going to work as a media correspondent in Brazil.

Missionary/Religious (VITEM VII) visa

  • Missionaries and clergymen with academic religious or theological education who intend to go to Brazil for religious purposes.
  • Apply for Work (VITEM V) visa if you are social and volunteer workers who engage in community work and provide service for a religious institution. It is required even if you do not have an employment contract and even don’t receive compensation. You must obtain Work visa if you are accompanying a group of church volunteers going to Brazil.

Permanent visa

  • For spouses of Brazil citizens or immediate family members of a Brazilian citizen (brother, sister, mother, farther, son, daughter) you can apply for a permanent visa to live and work in Brazil.
  • For retired persons (over 50 years of age) who wish to retire and live in Brazil.
  • Personal investors in Brazil.
  • Intra-company transferees (e.g. senior managers, directors, executives) to Brazil.
  • Director/manager of a religious or social organization.
  • Recipients of job offers at a Brazilian research, scientific and academic organizations to work in their field of expertise.

Diplomatic and official visa

  • For Diplomatic and official visits

If you are puzzled and are unsure what visa type you should apply for, please contact us or call us at 866-378-1722, we will be glad to assist.